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** TU means Theatre Upstairs

YearReps Production NumberPlay
2011682Jesus, My Boy
2011680Humble Boy
2011679Dream Lover
2011678Caroline's Man
2011677Fame and the Poet
20116765Star Live
2011675The Noughties
2010674Miss Julie
2010673Babes in the Wood
2010672'Allo 'Allo
2010671Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
2010670Postal Orders
2010670Sins of the Father
2010669Harare's Got Talent 2
2010668Harare's Got Talent
2010667Are There Tigers in the Congo?
2010666Old Blue Eyes
2010665Babysitting Calvin (Have a Go Show)
2010664The Mousetrap
2010663Snoopy - the Musical
2010662Hay Fever
2010661Seasons in the Sun
2010660Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead
201065950 Golden Years
2010658Flying Circusssisses
2009657Sing a Song of Sixpence
2009656Broadway Hits and Musical Bits 2
2009655One Act Wonders
2009654Funny Money
2009653The Have-a-go Show
2009650Top of the Pops
2008648Mother Goose
2008646That's Absurd!
2008645With Malicious Intent
2008644Do You Wanna Country Rock
2008643Good Vibrations
2008642Kindly keep it Covered
2007641Little Red Riding Hood
2007640Paul Wreaks Havoc
2007639Stretch, Dance and Groan
2007638Brush Up your Shakespeare
2007637Those Were the Days
2007636Hunting Cockroaches
2007635Last Tango in Little Grimley
2007634Fiddler on the Roof
2007632Do U Wanna Rock Again?
2007631Lucky Lips
2006630At the Drop of a Hat
2006629Jack and the Beanstalk
2006628Then and Now
2006627Sister Action
2006626The Attic, The Pearls and Three Fine Girls
2006625A Streetcar Named Desire
2006624The Music Man
2006623The Drawer Boy
2006622Do U Wanna Rock?
2006621Spirit of the West End Shows
2005618Broadway Hits and Musical Bits
2005617The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole
2005615Boy Band Blockbusters
2004613Dick Whittington and his Cat
2004612Broadway Bound
2004611Tom, Dick and Harry
2004610Talking With...
2004609Dangerous Liaisons
2004608Razzle Dazzle
2003605Brighton Beach Memoirs
2003604Annie - The Musical
2003603Murdered To Death
2002602Sinbad the Sailor
2002601Caught in the Net
2002600Romeo and Juliet
2002599The King and I
2002598Canterbury Tales
2001597Babes in the Wood
2001596Guys and Dolls
2001595Wish Upon a Star
2001594The Rape of the Belt
2001593Butterflies are Free
2000591Winnie the Pooh
2000590Rolling Stones - Almost
2000589'Allo 'Allo
2000588The Complete Word of God
2000587Once a Catholic
2000586Soul Train
1999585Snow White
1999584Let's Rock
1999583Alice In Wonderland
1999582Last of the Red Hot Lovers
1999581Squatting Horse and Western Bull
1999580Shear Madness
1999579Motown Magic
1998578Head to Head
1998577Jungle Book
1998576West Side Story
1998575Run For Your Wife
1998574Completely Over The Edge
1998573A Legacy of Stone
1998572The Madness of King George III
1998571I Gotta Sing, I Love That Crowd (The Carpenters)
1998570Great Expectations
1998569Broadway Babes
1998568The Rumplestiltskin Racket
1998567Cash on Delivery
1997566Mary Poppins
1997565The Secret Rapture
19975636 Degrees of Separation
1997562The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
1997561The Abba Story
1997560Chapter Two
1997559Julius Caesar
1997558The Sound of Music
1997556West End Broadway or Bust
1997555The Wyrd Sisters
1997554The Darling Buds of May
1996553The Wizard of Oz
1996552The Long Christmas Dinner
1996551Fame - The Musical
1996550Relatively Speaking
1996549Blood Brothers
1996548Jesus Christ Superstar
1996547Can't Pay? Won't Pay!
1996544Vuka Vuka
1996543BAT Golden Leaf Awards
1996541Henry The Tudor Dude
1995540Daisy Pulls It Off
1995539Puss In Boots
1995538The Gingerbread Man
1995537The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber
1995535Talking Heads
1995534Time and the Conways
1995532The Rocky Horror Shows
1995531The Word and the Flesh
1995530A Phoenix Too Frequent
1995529On Golden Pond
1995528The Merchant of Venice
1995527BAT Golden Leaf Awards
1994526Funny Money
1994524Goldilocks and the Three Bears
1994523Elton and Cliff
1994522Die Fledermaus
1994521The Importance of Being Earnest
1994520The McP in the W.C.
1994518My Fat Friend
1994517Steel Magnolias
1994516Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell
1994515The Magic of the Musicals
1994514Lost In Yonkers
1994513BAT Revue
1993512Why Not Stay For Breakfast?
1993511Mother Goose
199351084 Charing Cross Road
1993509The Beatles
1993508I'm Not Rappaport
1993507A Small Family Business
1993505Our Town
1993504Shirley Valentine
1993503Next Into BAT (BAT Revue)
1993502Hans Christian Andersen
1993501Driving Miss Daisy
1992499Wife Begins at Forty.
1992498Jack and the Beanstalk
1992497Give Me Your Answer Do
1992496Tribute to Lennon and McCartney
1992495Lettice and Lovage
1992494Raindrop Revue
1992493The Country Wife
1992492The Woman in Black
1992491Lords of Creation
1992490The Lion in Winter
1992489Enter a Free Man
1992488Party Piece
1992486Woman in Black
1991485Happy Birthday
1991484Little Red Riding Hood
1991483Return to the Forbidden Planet
1991482Educating Rita
1991481The Public Eye
1991481The Private Ear
1991480The Mikado
1991478The Diary of Anne Frank
1991477Twelfth Night
1991476Duet for One
1991475Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
1991473Krapp's Last Tape
1991472A Visit From Miss Prothero
1991472None the Wiser
1991471London Calls Back
1990470Out Of Order
1990469Dick Whittington
1990468Same Time Next Year
1990467Something's Afoot
1990466Under Milkwood
1990465Crimes of the Heart
1990464How The Other Half Loves
1990463Romeo and Juliet
1990462Hello Again Hollywood
1989458After Magritte
1989458The Ruffian on the Stair
1989457Twenty Five Not Out
1989456The Odd Couple (Female Version)
1989455Women in Darkness
1989454The Innocents
1989453Yeomen of the Guard
1989452The Tinderbox
1989449Holiday Swop
1989448Hollywood Calling
1988447It Runs in the Family
1988446Sleeping Beauty
1988445The Rimers of Eldritch
1988444Up 'n Under
1988443Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
1988442Tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber
1988440Johnny Salter
1988439When Did You Last See Your Trousers?
1988438Broadway Calling
1988437Too Long an Autumn
1988437From Here to the Library
1987436Lend Me a Tenor
1987435Babes in the Wood
1987434Beloved Friend
1987433Towards Zero
1987432Golden Years of Music Hall
1987431Sailor Beware
1987428Key for Two
1987426Inherit the Wind
1987425The Kingfisher
1987424London Calling
1986423Seasons Greetings
1986421One For The Road
1986420The Business of Murder
1986419Old Herbaceous
1986418Stepping Out
1986417The King and I
1986415A Touch of Spring
1986413Children of a Lesser God
1986412Sizwe Bansi is Dead
1985410Agnes of God
1985409Two Into One
1985408Winnie the Pooh
1985407Snoopy - the Musical
1985406The Respectable Prostitute
1985405The Gondoliers
1985404Pack of Lies
1985403The Marvellous Story of Puss in Boots
1985402The Golden Masque of Agamemnon
1985401One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
1985400The Playboy of the Western World
1985399Private Lives
1985398Fiddler on the Roof
1985397In Praise of Love
1985396Midsummer Night's Dream
1985395Just for Laughs
1984394No Sex Please, We're British
1984393Dusa, Fish, Stage and Vi
1984392Jungle Book
1984391Veronica's Room
1984389California Suite
1984388The Merry Widow
1984387And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little
1984386John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert
1984385The Life and Death of Almost Everybody
1984384Death of a Salesman
1984382The Mating Game
1984381Big Band Show
1984380Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
1984379Shadow of a Gunman
1984378Murder At The Vicarage
1983377Run For Your Wife
1983376The Pied Piper
1983374Say Who You Are
1983372French Without Tears
1983371Wait Until Dark
1983370A Long March to Jerusalem
1983369Music Song and Dance
1983368Noises Off
1983367Paint Your Wagon
1983366Move Over Mrs Markham
1982365The Cat and the Canary
1982364Wizard of Oz
1982363Accidental Death of an Anarchist
1982362The Pirates of Penzance
1982360Spider's Web
1982359West Side Story
1982358Not Now Darling
1982357The Sound of Music
1982355A Streetcar Named Desire
1982354The Chalk Garden
1982353The Letter
1982352No Exit
1981350David and Lisa
1981349The Mikado
1981348The Beeple
1981346Taking Steps
1981344The Old Ladies
1981343Sweeney Todd Shock and Roll Show
1981342Emlyn Williams
1981341The Price
1981340St Mark's Gospel
1981339The Crucible
1981338Middle Aged Spread
1981337Old Herbaceous
1980336Guys and Dolls
1980335Waltz of the Toreadors
1980334Mrs Warren's Profession
1980333La Boheme
1980330The House of Bernada Alba
1980329Tom Sawyer
1980328Half Serious
1980327The Unvarnished Truth
1980326The Merchant of Venice
1980325Portrait of a Queen
1979323Habeus Corpus
1979322Just Between Ourselves
1979321The Gypsy Baron
1979320The Unexpected Guest
1979319The Long Sunset
1979318When We Are Married
1979317Blood Wedding
1979316Victorian Music Box
1979315The Caretaker
1979313The Miracle Worker
1978312You Must Be Joking
1978311One For The Pot
1978310The Big Band Show
1978309Something's Afoot
1978308The Innocents
1978307Of Mice and Men
1978306My Sprit Sings
1978305The Marriage of Figaro
1978303Just for Laughs
1978302Sizwe Bansi is Dead
1978301Julius Caesar
1978300The Wonderful Adventures of Don Quixote
1977299Simple Spymen
1977298Die Fledermaus
1977297The Dame of Sark
1977296The Sleeping Prince
1977295Die Fledermaus
1977294The Late Christopher Bean
1977293Period of Adjustment
1977292Donkey's Years
1977291Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
1977290Arsenic and Old Lace
1977289The Constant Wife
1977288The Bluebird
1976287Maria Marten
1976286The Case in Question
1976285An Evening of Popular Opera
1976284When We Are Married
1976281Diplomatic Baggage
1976280The Winslow Boy
1976279Romeo and Juliet
1976278An Evening of Italian Opera
1976276The Owl and the Pussycat Went To See
1975275Hay Fever
1975274Conduct Unbecoming
1975273A Masked Ball
1975272Forty Years On
1975271The Door
1975270Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead
1975269For Amusement Only
1975267Adam and Eve and Everyman
1974266Absurd Person Singular
1974265The Changing Room
1974263A Doll's House
1974262Private Lives
1974260Jesus Christ Superstar
1974259The Merchant of Venice
1973258Time and Time Again
1973257Cowardy Custard
1973256Saint Joan
1973255Voyage Around My Father
1973254I Pagliacci
1973253Cavalleria Rusticana
1973252The Visit
1973251Our Town
1972250Flea in Her Ear
1972248Feather in a Battered Cap
1972247Operatic Highlights
1972245Lunch Hour
1972245The Real Inspector Hound
1972244Madam Butterfly
1972243Canterbury Tales
1972242The Taming of the Shrew
1972241Lady Precious Stream
1971240How The Other Half Loves
1971239Hair Hair
1971238La Boheme
1971237The Collective Works of Hale J Spasm
1971236The Hollow Crown
1971234Yeomen of the Guard
1971233Fiddler on the Roof
1971232The Relapse
1971231The Pay-off
1970230The Happy Apple
1970229Suor Angelica
1970229Dido and Aeneas
1970227Silhouettes of Autumn
1970226The Collection *Black Comedy *
1970225Hadrian VII
1970224La Traviata
1970223The Apple Tree
1970222Twelfth Night
1969221Let Sleeping Wives Lie
1969220The Telephone
1969220The Medium
1969219A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
1969218With Courage This Day
1969217A Day in the Death of Joe Egg
1969216The World of Suzie Wong
1969215Spot On
1969214The Gondoliers
1969213Antony and Cleopatra
1968212Chase Me Comrade
1968211The Marriage of Figaro
1968210Little Mary Sunshine
1968209The Father
1968208The Daddy of them All
1968207Relatively Speaking
1968206Stop the World I Want to Get Off
1968205The Poker Session
1968204Twelfth Night and all That
1968203Death of a Salesman
1968202One Way Pendulum
1967201A Christmas Carol
1967200Sweet 'n' Sour
1967199One For The Pot
1967198Our Dearest Emma
1967197Hobson's Choice
1967196Teen Trio
1967195Poor Bitos
1967194Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
1967193An Ideal Husband
1966192Treasure Island
1966191Dial M for Murder
1966190Nothing's Sacred
1966189Last Night We Were Four
1966188Pepper in a Milkshake
1966187The Women
1966186A Cuckoo in the Nest
1966185Where's Charlie?
1966183Rattle of a Simple Man
1966182Peanuts and Barbed Wire
1965181Sweeney Todd
1965180Lock Up Your Daughters
1965179Colour the Rabbits Blue
1965177Dandy Dick
1965176Not In Front of the Children
1965175Thieves Carnival
1965174Under the Sycamore Tree
1965173Diary of Anne Frank
1965172Rookery Nook
1964171Maria Marten
1964169Kiss Me Kate
1964168Ladies in Retirement
1964166Desire Under the Elms
1964163A Mixed Bag
1964161Night Must Fall
1964160The Mad Woman of Chaillot
1964159The Four Poster
1963158Shut Up and Sing
1963157Hotel Paradiso
1963156The Remarkable Mr Pennypacker
1963155Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
1963153Ten Minute Alibi
1963152The Gazebo
1963151You Can't Take It With You
1962150Krapp's Last Tape
1962150The Dumb Waiter
1962150The Lesson
1962149The Yellow Jacket
1962148So What
1962147Inherit the Wind
1962146A Murder has been Arranged
1962145The Brides of March
1962144The Cherry Orchard
1962143The Tinderbox
1961142The Innocents
1961141The Complacent Lover
1961140The Case of the Frightened Lady
1961139Dry Rot
1961138The Browning Version
1961137Henry V
1961136Winter Journey
1961135The Prisoner
1961134Teahouse of the August Moon
1961132Odd Man In
1961131The Marvellous Story of Puss in Boots
1960130Shadow of a Doubt
1960129The Lady's Not For Burning
1960128The Chalk Garden
1960127Mother Courage
1960126The Spider's Webb
1960125Carrington V.C.
1960123Under Milkwood
1960122Romanoff and Juliet
1959121The Sleeping Prince
1959120The Late Edwina Black
1959119The Tender Trap
1959117Point of Departure
1959116Plaintiff in a Pretty Hat
1959115Waiting for Godot
1959114Night of the Fourth
1958113Sabrina Fair
1958112Book of the Month
1958111The White Carnation
1958110The Diary of Anne Frank
1958109Someone Waiting
1958108Love and Lunacy
1958107And So To Bed
1958106Private Lives
1957105We Must Kill Toni
1957103All for Fun - a Revue
1957102Flare Path
1957101My Three Angels
1957100Arms and the Man
195799The Deep Blue Sea
195798Jupiter Laughs
195797Busman's Honeymoon
195696Angels in Love
195695The Heiress
195694Waiting for Gillian
195693Figure of Fun
195692The Burning Glass
195691Death Takes a Holiday
195690Come Live With Me
195689Dial M for Murder
195588As Long As They're Happy
195585His Excellency
195584Frost on the Rose
195583Murder Mistaken
195482Fools Rush In
195481The Drunkard
195480Thunder Rock
195479The White Sheep of the Family
195478The Holly and the Ivy
195477The Hollow
195376Captain Carvallo
195375The Taming of the Shrew
195374I Have Been Here Before
195372Without the Prince
195271Grand National Night
195270Castle in the Air
195269Cradle Song
195268The School for Scandal
195167Juno and the Paycock
195165Quiet Weekend
195164The Paragon
195063The Man From the Ministry
195062She Passed Through Lorraine
195061The Giaconda Smile
195060Royal Occasion
194959Traveller's Joy
194958She Stoops To Conquer
194957A Doll's House
194956An Inspector Calls
194955The Shop at Sly Corner
194854Love in Idleness
194853Mr Bolfry
194852Twelfth Night
194851Yes My Darling Daughter
194750Outward Bound
194749I Killed the Count
194748The Rivals
194647You Can't Take It With You
194646The Sacred Flame
194645Through the Night
194644The Dark Lady of the Sonnets
194543Lady Precious Stream
194542Mrs Warren's Profession
194541To Have Honour
194440They Came to the City
194439The White Headed Boy
194438Night Must Fall
194337Other People's Houses
194336Haunted Houses
194335Lover's Leap
194334Ladies in Retirement
194233The Apple Cart
194232The Light of Heart
194231Dangerous Corner
194130Tons of Money
194129French Without Tears
194128Berkeley Square
194127Gas Light
194126Busman's Honeymoon
194024A Murder has been Arranged
193923George and Margaret
193922Robert's Wife
193921Yes and No
193820The Rose Without a Thorn
193819The Late Christopher Bean
193818Ten Minute Alibi
193817Laburnum Grove
193716Youth at the Helm
193715The Wind and the Rain
193614Mrs Moonlight
193513The Distaff Side
193412Bird in Hand
193311Home and Beauty
19339To Have the Honour
19338Nine Till Six
19327The Skin Game
19326Shall We Join the Ladies
19326The Actor
19326The Land of Heart's Desire
19325Arms and the Man
19314The First and the Last
19313Outward Bound
19312The Admirable Crichton
19311Fame and the Poet
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