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Schools Advancement Awards

Afdis Schools Festival Winner – Chisipite Senior

Afdis Schools Festival Runner Up – Hellenic Academy

Certificate of Commendation – Gateway Schools for Backstage Crew for Merchant of Venice

Certificate of Commendation – Chelsea Gamble as “Sandy” in Annie (Chisipite)

Certificate of Commendation – Josie Callaghan as Miss Hannigan in “Annie” (Chisipite)

Certificate of Commendation – Cole Onorati as Borys in “the Dog Logs” (St. John’s College)

Certificate of Commendation – Prince Edward Drama Club for :Dedication to Theatre Arts”

Certificate of Commendation – Olver Chiperasa for Writing and Directing the Play “A Minute Past Midnight) – (St. Georges College)

Repteens Awards

Shaheen Jassat Award for Best Actress – Rutendo Mukwedeya

Repteens Trophy for Best Actor – Kumbirai Muringi

Repteens Trophy for Most Improved Actress – Bronwyn Smyth

The Gaskin Cup for Most Improved Actor – Rogan Evans

The Bartlett Comedy Cup – Jason Bolt

The Arron Trophy for Most Contribution – Brendon Gammon

Repteens Best Mine and Movement – not awarded

Repteens Best Technical – not awarded

Reps/Afdis Awards

The Oudemeister Cup for Best Production

My Fair Lady – Director, Sue Bolt

The George Barnes Award for Best Actress in a Lead Role

Catherine Blanchfield

The John Keeling Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role

Kevin Hanssen

The Isabeau Granger Award for Best Amateur Director

Sue Bolt/Fiona Garrity - The 39 Steps

The Steve Bonney Award

Graham Crutchley

The Munro Trophy

Meg Mackenzie

The Adrian Stanley Award

Sue Bolt

The Alan Parkinson Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Mike Blackburn

The Sue Greener Technical Award

Hesbe Chivers

The Allan Shaw Award for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Sue Bolt

The Trevor Keeling Award for Best Stage Management

Ryan Lawrence

The Marjorie Legg Cup for Best Stage Properties

Philippa Johnston/Adrian Bonney

The Dave Roberts Memorial Trophy for Most Outstanding Musical Performance

Nyasha Mutizwa

The Dennis Granger Award for Best Contribution to Dance and Movement

Caroline Yule/Stephane Thomas

The Hugh Dornhorst trophy for Best First Performance in a Reps Production

Kai Detering

The Reps Award for Best Performance by a Junior under 16

Carla Williams

The Prentice Trophy for Best Performance in a Minor Role

Martin Bolt

The Alistair and Wendy Booth Award for Best Comedy Performance

Benedict Latto

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